Dim Sum and Authentic A la Carte

Wedding and Banquet Specialists (Up to 400 seated capacity)

Function and Karaoke rooms available for hire (Up to 100 capacity)

Saikei is one of the largest Chinese restaurants south of the River Thames, specialising in Authentic Oriental Cuisine with a seating capacity of up to 400 people.

We strive to offer the best in Oriental Cuisine from traditional Dim Sum style dining to the finest of modern A la Carte, we also offer an extra selection of authentic cuisine in our Speciality menu. Together with our classic drinks and desserts, there is something for everyones taste.

We are a specialist in Chinese Banquets and cater for all parties, large or small with a dance floor area which is available upon request. Offering a range of menus and services to suit your budget. Our staff aim to make your special day that little “Extra Special” by going further with our quality of service...thats why we are the 1st choice for many Chinese people!

There are also two private karaoke/ function rooms for up to 100 people and these are available for hire, a favourite location for birthdays etc.

We are always happy help, so if you have a function or special event, just call us and we’ll try our hardest to accommodate your needs.


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Tel: 020 8858 2028 / 020 8269 1638 • Fax: 020 8269 0549 • Email: info@saikei-restaurant.com